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Kalray & Carri Systems : Performance Engineering at its best

French leading systems integrator Carri Systems and Kalray have teamed up in order to provide the best combination of hardware and software to produce state of the art workstations and servers for high-end applications requiring specific developments using advanced coding techniques using Kalray’s AccessCore SDK.

KDEV-288 Development Workstation


  • 5 to 10x performance/power ratio compared to other computing solutions
  • 10x improvement in power consumption for typical applications
  • Development time reduced by a factor of 2 to 4 compared to FPGA or ASIC designs
  • Quick product upgrade through software development


  • Image and Audio processing : HD encoding, broadcasting, video surveillance, augmented reality
  • Signal processing : Radar, telecom, medical
  • Intensive Computing : Oil & Gas, finance, live video
  • Artificial Intelligence, streaming, numerical simulation, Bio Sciences
  • Control Command : Aeronautics, industrial automation
  • Telecom : Routers, cryptography, software defined radio, base station

More cores equal more power

In a world where electronics are becoming more powerful and autonomous, low-power, high-performance processors will be the future of processing.

The Massively Parallel Processor Array (MPPA®) is Kalray’s ground-breaking manycore technology, giving chips more processing power with less power consumption.

A unique solution, from core up

The distinctiveness of the MPPA® starts at the core level. The cores of a processor provide the foundation for the chip’s processing.

They are the gateways that will determine the performance and functionality of the chip.

A “manycore” processor is exactly that: a whole bunch of cores all linked together on the same chip. Kalray’s manycore processor may have up to 288 cores.

An architecture to win

The MPPA®2-256 is made up of 288 cores: 256 compute cores, 16 management cores and 4 quad cores.

The cores are split up into 16 computer clusters (each with 16 cores & 1 management core) and 4 quad cores (each with 4 cores).

The compute cores and management cores have the same features: 5 execution units, 2 ALUs, 1 BCU, 1 MAU, 1 LSU…

Kalray MPPA2-256 Processor

Key benefits

  • The MPPA®2-256 has 2MB of Shared Memory (SMEM) split up into 16 banks of 128KB each (with a 64-bit width).
  • Crypto Co-processors : an added layer of safety
  • The MPPA®2-256 contains 128 crypto co-processors. This means that each set of two cores benefits from having 1 co-processor.
  • Each crypto co-processor has 2 compute units :
  • UNIT0 : DES, AES-128, AES-192 or AES25 encryption and decryption
  • UNIT1 : DES encryption or decryption, 128×128 carry-less multiplication (CLMUL), 64×64 CLMUL, Galois field operations, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, CRC32 or CRC64 with any polynomials


  • A unique solution, from core up
  • 64 to 1 024 cores delivering up to 8 TOPS or 5 TFLOPS
  • Best Processing Power / Power Consumption ratio
  • C/C++/Fortran based parallel programming solution
  • Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) core
  • IEEE-754 single and double precision Floating Point Unit (FPU)
  • High speed Network on Chip bandwidth
  • Advanced NoC Quality of Service enabling predictable data transfer time
  • High speed interfaces, Ethernet, DDR3, PCIe Gen3, NoCX
  • Low latency processing

Kalray Development Boards

Kalray offers a range of development and production cards, equipped with the industry’s most advanced MPPA® processor. These cards offer our customers a simple way to develop their complete solution in a few weeks / months.

PoiKey benefits

The KONIC boards (Kalray Open Network Interface Cards) constitute a family of Smart Network Interface Cards (SmartNIC) PCIe boards that provide industry-leading performances for storage and networking appliances.

These boards exploit the unique capabilities of the MPPA processor and respond to the growing demand for high computing, low latency and low power consumption faced by new architectures deployed in data-center applications.

Using high-level C programming language, Kalray’s KONIC boards can be programmed in a matter of weeks to optimize networking or storage applications, and/or add unique features

Turbocard Family

Kalray’s Turbocards are a family of high-performance PCIe acceleration boards.

They leverage the parallel technology of Kalray’s MPPA manycore processor to offload the most compute-intensive functions from the main processor in data center servers.

They are the perfect solutions for a wide range of data center needs, including storage, networking and cryptography.

Kalray AccessCore SDK

Key benefits

  • Kalray’s Software Development Kits make it easier than ever for customers to access the MPPA® processor.
  • Using standardized programming tools, libraries and languages, the software development kits that accompany the MPPA have been designed to ensure straightforward and accessible programming for any embedded software programmer.


  • AccessCore allows customers to program the MPPA processor using standard languages – C/C++/OpenCL, programming models, APIs, and tools (GCC, Eclipse…).
  • It includes all the necessary modules to program a manycore processor and is provided with a set of highly optimized libraries.
  • Customers enjoy the freedom of programming their processor based on their specific needs without having to adapt to a new programming language.
  • AccessCore customers also benefit from personalized training to get them started with the MPPA.

Support and Training

Developer Training

Kalray’s Development Workstation includes ½ day training and support.

Support Options

Additional training and support options can be scheduled depending on client’s needs.

Code Validation

As an option Kalray can assist you to help validating your code on Kalray software lab facilities. Code validation is done either on premise or remotely depending on the client’s needs.

Tailor-made projects
Research and Development are at the core of our strategy


We study the client’s specifications carefully. In order to define the level of feasibility adapted to his unique needs.


The CARRI Lab’s team relies primarily on a close relationship to achieve common technological objectives.


The CARRI Lab has created synergies with the technical teams of IT market leaders. This enables us to quickly identify the solution adapted to the customer’s needs.


All the solutions created by our teams are evaluated and tested. None of our products are launched without a long series of tests.


Whenever an off-the-shelf solution does not exist, a design phase of a few months helps lead to the creation of a product or solution that meets new needs.

About Kalray, Inc.

Kalray (Euronext Growth Paris — FR0010722819 — ALKAL) est le pionnier des processeurs pour les nouveaux systèmes intelligents. Véritable rupture technologique, les processeurs « intelligents » ont la capacité d’analyser à la volée, et de manière intelligente, une très grande quantité d’informations, de prendre des décisions et d’interagir en temps réel avec le monde extérieur. Ces processeurs intelligents seront largement déployés dans des secteurs en forte croissance tels que les réseaux de nouvelle génération (data centers intelligents) et les véhicules autonomes, ainsi que les équipements de santé, les drones et les robots. L’offre Kalray comprend aussi bien des processeurs que des solutions complètes (cartes électroniques et logiciels). Créé en 2008 en tant que spin-off du CEA (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives), Kalray sert des clients tels que des fabricants de serveurs, des intégrateurs de systèmes intelligents et des fabricants de produits grand public incluant les constructeurs automobiles. Pour plus d’informations, visitez le site internet de Kalray : www.kalrayinc.com.

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